Do You Feel Like a Number?
Does your advisor or broker attempt to service too many clients?  If so, you pay the price by competing with the advisor’s other clients for the attention you deserve.
At Buckeye Financial Solutions, we offer a high degree of availability and personal service by maintaining appropriate client to advisor ratios.  And your Certified Financial Planner™ will handle the important details of your financial planning and investment management.  You deserve the credential holder you have hired to work on your case, not back office staff.
What is Fee-Only Financial Planning?
Fee-Only financial planning means that Buckeye Financial Solutions is compensated solely by their clients, and does not accept commissions or compensation of any kind based on the products that we recommend.  You are guaranteed complete disclosure of all fees, prior to your engagement. There's no better way to be confident that your advisor is working in your interest, and solely in your interest.  How is your advisor compensated?
Need Assistance With 401(k) Investments?
Buckeye Financial Solutions offers a detailed analysis of the mutual fund options in your retirement plan, and develops an investment plan coordinating your outside investment assets with your retirement assets.  And we will be there to help you make the important decisions when you retire or change jobs.
Looking for a One-Stop Shop?
We have a comprehensive service offering of investment management, tax planning, financial planning, and in-house income tax preparation.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to determine how we can assist you.


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